In addition to my experience with tools, materials, and the disciplines of plumbing and electrical work, I also have skills in both 2D and 3D digital visualization.  I have found this has given me a real leg up on bidding for jobs. Not to mention giving my customer a clear idea of where we are going and what to expect.


The Shop I currently work out of. It's a bit crowded, but I do well down there. Nice 105" band saw, 10" contractor saw, shaper, jointer, planer, grinder, never can have too many clamps, and although I like my table saw sled, I do love my miter saw, sanders of various types, routers, press, love my oiled air tank. My two favorite tools are air gun and sharp chisel. I am also well versed in electric and plumbing. The van pictured was my baby, a real tank, unfortunately the motor went earlier this year.


-Just thrown in here for now, organizing it all is taking time, but this gives you an idea of my skill sets.

Here I am standing with a Grandfather clock that my namesake Nathaniel Mulliken made. A colonial era  Massachusetts based clock maker and my great, great, great, etc. grandfather. My Dad is a retired industrial arts teacher, and my Uncle Bill (WEM Woodworks) makes Shaker furniture. Needless to say this runs in my blood.